The Game On Sports and Dynamo Sports Travel story is a unique one!! Founded in 2010, and fuelled by a passion to engage with people and create experiences around the sporting stage, Game On Sports was born. Game On Sports has always been our proudly South Africa brand, servicing the local corporate and supporters travel market. From small niche booking assistance to large group travel management and activation, the message has always been to take the big with the small – and nothing has changed. Experiencing some very exciting and successful early years, the brand went from strength to strength, activating domestic and international travel and events management for some of South Africa’s leading corporate brands. After a decade of developing working relationships abroad, it was clear that it was time to start engaging a more global scale, and Dynamo Sports Travel was introduced. The concept of Dynamo Sports Travel is based on performing a central role between various leading sports travel and events management companies around the globe.

Utilising its established relationships, unique access to sporting events across the globe and existing commercial partnerships, Dynamo Sports Travel has been able to provide each of its global partners with unique access to sports product, and ground service both locally and abroad.

In today’s very competitive travel sector, it was clear to our team that finding niche areas of travel was going to be the way forward and after many years of building close relationships, we find ourselves trading in a space that we belong. Our main focus has always been to provide unique travel and events experiences to both the local and global sports travel market. We love what we do, and enjoy the challenges we face on a day to day basis to compete and grow our brands which we are very proud of.

Ryan Hillary – Owner, Game On Sports & Dynamo Travel Group